HyperMusic – label, music production and publishing

HyperMusic is PJ Wassermann’s music publishing and production company and as well the label for the release of his musical productions.

HyperMusic’s publishing side is represented worldwide (except Switzerland) by Budde Music, Berlin and its partners.

For up to date info on our musical activities please go to

www.pjwassermann.com (english)

www.pjwassermann.ch (deutsch)

Hypermusic is located in Hersberg, Switzerland, but has another strong leg on the musically inspiring island of Ibiza.

PJ Wassermann has been a composer, performer, sound designer and producer since the early 80ies. First releases in 1981 with Schaltkreis Wassermann. The LP PSYCHOTRON (1982) today is revered as a pioneer and cult album and has been re-released in 2012 by Berlin label Private Records on vinyl. International charts success with novelty records “MUH!” and “Yo-Lollo-Diuh” by Matterhorn Project. Many more musical projects over the years.

PJ Wassermann did loads of movie and video soundtracks, jingles und advertisement music from 1980 to 1998. He received the Prix Italia for worldbest jingle series (“DRS3” radio station, together with François Mürner and Boris Blank).

Currently PJ is performing live

– with his PsyTrance project Eternal Bliss

– with his PsyChill project ChillyTrippyDippy

– with his electronica project Schaltkreis Wassermann